Massachusetts Noncompete Bill Takes Another Step

For those of you who were following the progress of the MA noncompete bill in my prior blog (Foley & Lardner’s Trade Secret / Noncompete Blog), I am now continuing the coverage here (as I have started a new law firm, Beck Reed Riden, which focuses on noncompetes, trade secrets, business litigation, IP litigation, healthcare litigation, and labor & employment).

The update is that yesterday, the House referred the noncompete bill to the Judiciary Committee.  The bill continues to get generally positive reviews.

Stay tuned.

  1. Russell, congrats on the new law firm!! and thanks for this update.

    Can you say a bit more about what it means for the House to refer the bill to the JC? I had heard that it was referred positively out of the labor/workforce committee, but this sounds like something new.

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