Recommended Resources for Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants (Noncompetes, Nonsolicits, No-Raids, Etc.)

Updated April 28, 2019

Occasionally, I mention blogs and other resources (and include links) when they are relevant to a topic that I’m discussing and they have reliable information. 

More generally, before refreshing the look of this blog (quite awhile ago at this point), I used to have a so-called “blog roll” (not my term) with links to blogs and resources containing good, reliable information that I liked and thought others might be interested in as well. 

I was reminded about the “blog roll” by a recent request to “cross-pollinate” blogs. While I will consider all legitimate requests, I will not recommend or “cross-pollinate” a blog or other resource simply for marketing or cross-marketing purposes. However, the particular request seemed like a good resource and made me think to recreate my old blog roll.

So, here it is… well, a start, anyway. I actually plan to create a stand-alone page of resources, so it doesn’t get lost in the stream of posts.

For now, however, the blogs and resources on this page – listed alphabetically – are ones that I read regularly and found to be very useful. I hope you do too.

If you have others you like, please email me!

Noncompete / Trade Secrets Blogs (United States):

A blog that I am very sad to say called it quits on December 15, 2018, but was outstanding when it was running (and still has useful content), is Legal Developments in Non-Competition Agreements (Ken Vanko).

In addition, though not a blog, James Pooley has an aggregation of articles and blog posts that he’s written, all accessible on one page. Definitely worth reading.

Other resources:

International resources:

  • Core Blog (European Competition and Regulatory Law Review blog)